on webspace, wiki and stuff (was Re: A Collaboration on Shafer's Books?)

Andre Garzia soapdog at mac.com
Mon Jan 24 19:07:42 EST 2005

I'll offer webspace and wiki hosting for you folks at WeCode.org for 
free, also, I'll host any rev project that needs a host. The server is 
on jaguarpc.net and got Rev and LibCGI (plus some additions of mine) 
already installed. The domain and host are already paid for some 

I think those interest in helping Dan should talk to him, his book is 
marvelous and I own three copies of volume 1, one besides the computer 
to remind me that computing can be fun, one at the shelf (this copy is 
the one that will survive ages) and other in the backpack with the 

but I really think we could at least setup a FAQ Server with interfaces 
for RevNET... if you want, I can implement this in about five hours.


On Jan 24, 2005, at 9:18 PM, Alejandro Tejada wrote:

> on Mon, 24 Jan 2005
> Robert Brenstein wrote:
>> We do have some people who are true
>> experts in specific areas, be it QuickTime,
>> database usage, interface
>> programming, multimedia, etc etc.
> Exactly what i thought! :-)
> Dan Shafer wrote:
>> My experience with collaborative projects in the
>> past causes me a great
>> deal of trepidation on this model, but I'm willing
>> to be taught new
>> tricks despite being an old dog.
> Dan, you could write these chapters as an
> informal conversation with every collaborator.
> Add some code and screenshots that demostrate
> the main points of conversation. Create an appendix
> with long scripts for every chapter,
> in that way, too long scripts do not break the
> flow of the chapter.
>> So, without my making any commitment whatsoever, I'd
>> like to see a show
>> of hands. If you'd be interested in writing one or
>> more chapters or
>> co-authoring with me on one or more chapters of my
>> still-planned books,
>> please indicate the seriousness of your intent
> [snip]
>> indicate your writing experience, if any, your Rev
>> experience, and the topic(s) you think
>> you'd be willing to write about.
> Remember that many of these people are
> already busy and they could work on this
> within some months... i'll wait for everyone
> of them until they were available...
>> Thanks. I'll let the list know the outcome of this
>> fishing expedition in a few days or so.
> Days???
> Time too short :-(
> Why not in 4 weeks???
> 4 weeks are plenty of time to
> take a decision to help to write a chapter
> of your book. I insist in the interview
> or conversation format for these collaborations.
> Did you know how much time it takes
> to put in paper just two hours of
> conversation? ;-)
> Many developers already have posted their code
> that demostrate their knowledge in key areas,
> so is good idea to ask them specifically.
> Many shy people never offer themselves, unless
> asked to. Some will have panic to write, but
> rarely shows panic to explain or talk what they
> had already learn...
> Just my 2 cents!
> al
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