AppleScript Lockup?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Jan 24 18:19:38 EST 2005

On 1/24/05 3:58 PM, Scott Rossi wrote:

> Greetings AppleScript-saavy Folks:
> On OSX, it appears that Rev locks up when trying to communicate with an app
> via AppleScript and the app has a modal dialog up.  Rev effectively freezes
> (spinning beachball) until the app's dialog is dismissed -- perhaps Rev is
> waiting for a response from the app.
> Might there be some way to address this situation so my Rev app isn't
> disabled while the app's dialog is visible?

There is the "without reply" option:

  send <message> to <program> without reply

This will make Rev resume script execution immediately without waiting 
for the other app to answer. However, if you mean that you do want a 
reply except when something hangs the other app, then no, I don't think 
you can control that.

However, usually AppleEvents will time out after a couple of minutes. 
That may be longer than you want to wait, though.

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