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See the new thread I started a while ago. I'm open to any interesting 


On Jan 24, 2005, at 10:45 AM, Robert Brenstein wrote:

>>  > So I converted about 1/2 of my original HyperTalk
>>>  book into volume 1 of "Software at the Speed of
>>>  Thought." It took about four times as much  time and energy as I'd 
>>> originally anticipated.
>> You must not work alone in this book.
>> In fact, if i were you, you must work as editor
>> of contents produced by long time users of
>> this platform. In this way, the book will be
>> finished in months, not years.
> I second what Alejandro says. Revolution is too multifaceted. Have you 
> looked at the efforts of Adam Engst with his "Take Control" eBooks? I 
> think this model would work quite well for Revolution. You would write 
> whatever you feel comfortable with / worth your personal time, whereas 
> others would contribute eBooks in their area of expertise. We do have 
> some people who are true experts in specific areas, be it QuickTime, 
> database usage, interface programming, multimedia, etc etc.
> Robert Brenstein
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