A Collaboration on Shafer's Books?

Dan Shafer revdan at danshafer.com
Mon Jan 24 14:00:32 EST 2005

It has been suggested a few times that perhaps my long-delayed Volumes 
2 and 3 of "Software at the Speed of Thought" would be both more 
manageable and less burdensome (and therefore could be less concerned 
about revenue) if I took a collaborative approach by inviting list 
members to pick a topic, write a chapter and have me edit it.

My experience with collaborative projects in the past causes me a great 
deal of trepidation on this model, but I'm willing to be taught new 
tricks despite being an old dog.

So, without my making any commitment whatsoever, I'd like to see a show 
of hands. If you'd be interested in writing one or more chapters or 
co-authoring with me on one or more chapters of my still-planned books, 
please indicate the seriousness of your intent by:

1. Looking over the TOC of Volume 1 to identify what's most important 
among the many missing pieces, focusing on topics where you consider 
yourself reasonably knowledgeable.
2.  Emailing me PRIVATELY (let's not clutter the list with what may 
well after all be pure speculation) and indicate your writing 
experience, if any, your Rev experience, and the topic(s) you think 
you'd be willing to write about. Also in that email, please indicate 
how, if at all, you'd like or expect to be compensated for your 
3. Start the Subject line of that email with the words "Book Help" so I 
can filter it properly and respond to it in a timely fashion.

Thanks. I'll let the list know the outcome of this fishing expedition 
in a few days or so.


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