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Maybe we should complain about the lack of a real proxy implementation
like WinCommander does it for ftp connections (it has all the options!)
but for videos, I think we are complaining a bit too much!

I learned programming be rewriting byte magazine source codes they had
on an Apple ][. From the 8 pt computer-font of the time (horrible read) 
with the possible errors that slipped in to no language reference!

Then when the Mac128K came along, I transcribed that to MSBasic (YUK)
with just text books (no searching!).

When I got the HyperCard, all I new was macpaint and macwrite (and 3 kinds
of basic included MacBasic 0.8 which beated MS basic hands down with toolbox
calls and all). I lost my pascal handbook and never tried again...

ThinkC was cooler but harder - still all with just a manual and no event the
net! Sooner later I got into AppleLink but still, yuk...

HyperCard on the other hand was all there was you needed to learn, all we
needed was the HyperTalk reference stack (go help+2 clicks)! 

The help stack was rather useless...

BTW, if you want, I can send you my NetBackup windows command reference in 
pdf - it's at least 100 pages like the unix 'man' about a load of commands
with tons and tons of case-sensitive switches and names of objects in the
backup server! Many needed because the GUI doesn't do them (like extending
the expiration of some backup jobs...) It took 2 days and 3 of us to find
all the commands required: 3 with a few nasty switches! What is nice is that
soon as I need it I have an API for these in RunRev.

In the end, the best way is to disassemble a stack or try to create one for 
the fun of it, look at the reference (takes a week) and voila! copy paste
instructions! There's also galaxies of stacks to explore on the net!

I find looking at the subjects or FAQ not as fun or instructive but it does
get me out of trouble when needed! If that fails, there's always the list's

BTW this mail list archive is a great learning tool too! See the link at the

Not just a stack of utilities
The Nitrous plugins for RunRev!

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> >>>I would not expect to pay for the video to build a menu. I 
> woudl pay 
> >>>for one to have a demo reamework for certain apps like databases, 
> >>>ftp, web servers etc. BUT not a menubuilder.
> >>>
> >>>Mind you I can always ask here. :-)
> >>>      
> >>>
> >>The advanced learning pack is free with Studio.  If you 
> can't access 
> >>it, please contact support at
> >>    
> >>
> >I'm really sorry for moaning. I didn't realise that this was 
> the case 
> >and I'm sorry for the confusion
> >
> I wouldn't blame yourself too much Bob.
> The web site is (as far as I can see) completely silent on 
> which videos are included with which products. I have a 
> Dreamcard license - when I try to view the videos, 24 of them 
> are available, the other 9 tell me that they are not include 
> "in the Demo version". So it's not surprising if you are left 
> unaware that you've actually paid for them already.
> Personally, I wouldn't pay for a (RunRev style) video 
> tutorial for anything - I find these computer screen videos 
> totally ineffective as a learning tool - the deadly slow pace 
> is so frustrating that it's all I can do to watch one, far 
> less learn from it.
> The PDFs are noticably better - still not a huge amount of 
> info, but at least you can read at your own pace, so it 
> doesn't take so long, and doesn't have the frustration factor.
> The samples themselves, on the other hand, are wonderful. 
> Well-written, clear, and very well commented.
> I'd swap all the videos and PDFs for another 20 or 30 samples 
> of such high quality.
> -- Alex.
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