Printing Hell

Mark Smith mark at
Mon Jan 24 07:12:26 EST 2005

Frank, thanks for the suggestion, however, I've now made some basic 
discoveries and resolved my immediate difficulties.

Three basic facts that I can find no mention of in the docs, though 
perhaps they're covered in the 30 quid tutorial:

1. Unlike every other piece of software on my hard disc, everything on 
the printed-from-rev page is bigger than I expect - 9 point text 
printed from Rev will be at least two point sizes bigger than the same 
9 point text printed from textEdit or Appleworks for example. Solution 
- set the printScale to 0.85, presumably this is screen-resolution 
dependent, so in the absence of documentation experimentation is 

2. Borders around fields that touch or overlap will print unpredictably 
- maybe ok, maybe half-width, maybe double-width, maybe not at all, no 
matter how carefully you place the fields on the card to be printed. 
Maybe this is to do with the conversion from screen resolution to 
printer resolution? Anyway, do not expect field borders to provide neat 
dividing lines on the printed page.So...

3. Do not try to replicate those field borders using the drawing tools, 
as they will do the job, but you will now be overlapping images and 
text, so the text will be bitmapped on the page, ie. blocky and 
pixelated. I found it necessary to create a line graphic, and use the 
field boundaries as co-ordinates to build a points list for the 
graphic. This works.

All of the above is fine, and probably well-know to many here, but 
these three simple bits of information would have saved me hours of 
frustration, and half a rainforests worth of paper, had I been able to 
find them in the docs. I wouldn't expect to find them in the 
dictionary, but why is there no mention of printing at all in the 
'Topics' section?

I realize that my reply to Kevin Miller was slightly sarcastic, but 
really, we shouldn't have to pay 30 quid for this info (assuming that 
the 'basic printing' tutorial actually contains it).



On 24 Jan 2005, at 10:16, use-revolution-request at wrote:

> Mark,
> I don't know if this would work, but what about printing from Chipp's
> altBrowser plugin?
> Maybe Chipp can chime in here about whether one can print from
> altBrowser.
> -- Frank
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