Printing Hell

Mark Smith mark at
Sun Jan 23 12:39:43 EST 2005

Can anyone point me to a Rev printing tutorial? I'm having enormous 
trouble getting simple things to print properly.

For a start,  9 point text prints as 11 point, so apart from not being 
what I want, the text no longer fits on the I set the 
printScale to 0.75.
Now the text looks ok, but the borders around it are either very faint 
or missing completely...

I think what I'm trying to do is simple:

I have five vertical fields on a card, with their borders butted up 
against each other, I fill each field with text, and print, with the 
above hilarious results.

As you can tell, printing seems to be insanely hard to do, at least for 
me. Each time I try to set up a printing scenario, I eventually give up 
and resort to copying text from Rev into other apps and re-formatting 
and printing from there, without problem.

I'm on OS X, and using a simple cheapo HP inkjet printer, though I've 
had the same trouble with all my printers.

Any help gratefully recieved,



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