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Sun Jan 23 10:52:33 EST 2005

On 23/1/05 12:38 am, "Glen Bojsza" <gbojsza at> wrote:

> I was placing some images and set some custom properties when I
> noticed that one of the images suddenly had a custom property of
> revUniqueID?? cREVGeneral is the set it comes under but again the
> documentation does not give details.
> I am guessing that this can be used by the developer and that it's
> function is similar to that of databases where it acts as a key.
> I could not find anything in the documentation on this.
> Has anybody used this for their project before?

This is an internal ID that is used by some of the Rev script libraries.
Unless you know your way around those libraries and are editing them, its
best just to leave this value alone.  Changing it can cause problems if you
are using some script-based components such as the Geometry Manager.

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