Disappearing image?

Thierry Arbellot thierry.arbellot at wanadoo.fr
Sun Jan 23 04:12:34 EST 2005


I have too this problem with rev 2.5 on MacOS X.
When I change the name of the image, the image disappears and the size 
is 0.
Did someone bugzilla this ?


On 2005, Jan 23, , at 4:31, Ben Fisher wrote:

> Recently I have come across a disturbing error while creating a game 
> in Rev. I have imported a few graphics as controls (not referenced). 
> The weird part is that when I change the name of the graphic and close 
> the properties box, the image *disappears*. The control still exists, 
> but all of its imagedata is transparent.
> This only happens when the name is changed with the Properties box. 
> When I change the name through a script, it works fine. I'm pretty 
> sure that this isn't supposed to happen.
> In further investigation, it seems that the imagedata of the image is 
> changed when its name is changed. Why this should happen I don't know. 
> Also, changing the name will sometimes work normally when other 
> properties are changed in the Properties box.
> I'm using the latest rev 2.5 on winxp.
> -Ben
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