Disappearing image?

Ben Fisher boinjyboing at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 22 22:31:49 EST 2005

Recently I have come across a disturbing error while creating a game in Rev. I have imported a few graphics as controls (not referenced). The weird part is that when I change the name of the graphic and close the properties box, the image *disappears*. The control still exists, but all of its imagedata is transparent.

This only happens when the name is changed with the Properties box. When I change the name through a script, it works fine. I'm pretty sure that this isn't supposed to happen.

In further investigation, it seems that the imagedata of the image is changed when its name is changed. Why this should happen I don't know. Also, changing the name will sometimes work normally when other properties are changed in the Properties box.

I'm using the latest rev 2.5 on winxp.


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