Scripting of buttonproducing field to give buttons backgroundBehavior

Kresten Bjerg kresten.bjerg at
Sat Jan 22 20:16:21 EST 2005

I have met with the problem, that the handler of a field, which shall 
enable user to produce pre-scripted buttons, is able to produce the 
buttons with the scripts required, and place them where they shall be 
placed, - but all attempts  to, after "group"  "set  backgroundBehavior 
to true" is failing. Best would be, if they could be set to include 
themselves, as they are produced - now and then-by the user, in one big 
shared group. Anybody have a solution?

Refer please to "Oikos Homestation" <> for 
further information

Kresten Bjerg, fhv.Lektor i Psykologi

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