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D.Rothe drothe at
Sat Jan 22 17:03:27 EST 2005

Thanx for your help Derek the code worked perfectly!



The simplest way to accomplish this is the following...

global fileToOpen

on startup

put $1 into fileToOpen

end startup

on openStack

if fileToOpen is not empty then

-- Insert the code you are using

-- to open the file

end if

end openStack

I hope this helps.

Derek Bump

Dreamscape Software


Subject: Re: Open from Context Menu

> Ok, When I start the app (as standalone) I can import/open and display a .txt file in a field by selecting it from a pulldown menu! Just like all text editors......

>The problem is getting the .txt file to display in the field by sending it to my app via the right click 'Open with....' method.

> Using this method starts the app but does not load the .txt file into the field!

> Cheers.....Dwayne


>> Hi Dwayne,

>> > Hi All,

>> > I created a simple textpad type application it's simple and works well

>> > for my purposes, however I am having trouble loading a txt

>> > file by using the right click 'Open with....' method (win xp). Any

>> > ideas would be appreciated, it's certainly not a critical flaw but

>> > it would finish off the app 100%.


>> what exactly is your problem???

>> Does the import fail or what or the way HOW to do the import?


>> A tiny bit of info would help us to help you :-)


>> > Cheers Dwayne


>> Regards


>> Klaus Major

>> klaus at




>> ------------------------------

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