Password protect a stack

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Jan 22 15:08:59 EST 2005

Paul Salyers wrote:
> How do you password protect a stack so some1 can run it but not see the 
> code?

Set the passkey property of the stack.

There's probably a better way to do so than using the Message Box or my
Prop Sheet palette, but darned if I could find it in the IDE UI or the docs.

> and is it hack proof?

Nothing is hack-proof.

The current script encryption is a derivative of DDE so it has known 
exploits but is reasonably secure for real-world usage.  The relative 
few who have the skills/interest to crack it can probably also run a 
disassembler, so as with any program it's not that hard for a 
sufficiently motivated person to learn any program's instructions (the 
average time between a release of a software product and the release of 
its crack is about 3 days; the game industry, with the best minds in the 
business pounding on this problem daily, hopes at best to extend that to 
60-90 days).

Fortunately few algorithms are atom-splitting enough to lose sleep over
it.  Very few algortithms can't be derived/replicated by simply
observing a program's behavior.

Protection of passwords (easy with MD5digest) and data (easy with v2.5's
industrial-strength encryption) are usually much higher priorities.

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