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Wilhelm Sanke sanke at hrz.uni-kassel.de
Sat Jan 22 12:25:39 EST 2005

On Sat Jan 22, 2005, Mark Smith mark at maseurope.net wrote:

> > Could anybody tell me where the "XML library" is located in the Rev
> > IDE?
> I think it's found as 'revXML.bundle' for MacOS and 'revXML.dll' for
> Windows in the 'components' folder inside the revolution folder...
> Is that what you mean?
> Cheers,
> Mark

Thanks for the information.

Unfortunately the XML library with 'revXML.dll'  does not seem to work 
in the Metacard IDE.

I am updating the search routines of my "Topsearch" stack to include 
XML-files. This works in the Rev IDE, but not in Metacard, even if I set 
up an identical directory structure, i.e. putting  'revXML.dll'  into 
folder "components/global environment" like in Rev.

Even the engine (version 2.6.2A3) is the same in both environments, only 
the names "mc.exe" and "revolution.exe" differ.

I also tried to transfer the needed MC stacks into the Rev directory 
(only 3 extra stacks are needed besides the "mc.exe" engine to put up 
the slim MC IDE), but in spite of that the XML library was not accessible.

The usual "transcripted" libraries or handlers defined elsewhere *can* 
be used in the MC IDE as well (provided the necessary links to other 
libraries or handlers in the Rev IDE are established in an analogous way 
in Metacard - which may be complicated in some cases, given the very 
complex structure of the Rev IDE).

Am I missing something or is this an instance of lacking compatability 
between Revolution and Metacard?

I am not familiar with DLLs, but could it be that 'revXML.dll'  checks 
for the engine name (or the other way round) and only cooperates with 
"Revolution.exe" and not with the same engine named "mc.exe"? If this 
would be the case the compatability problem could be easily fixed inside 
the engine - or the DLL? - with an improved "name-calling" routine.


Wilhelm Sanke

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