some pre-shots on my new app...

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That looks fantastic!  The only (very picky) suggestion I have is with the 
instant messenger ( 
You may want a space or two between the speaker and what is being said. 
Now it looks like "andre:hey hey hey!".  Maybe have it look like "andre: 
hey hey hey!".  Other than that, everything looks really polished.


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Hi Folks,

I am building a new version of my DataJr app which is used on the
Marketing and Advertising Superior School of Rio De Janeiro (it's a
university) to track their contacts and manage their projects. It's
database independent, you can tie it to Valentina, MySQL, Oracle,
whatever works with revDatabase. I think it's going nice... also it
sports a nice Instant Messaging feature...

I am posting some links to shots here so that people could give some
feedback. I am still glueing the new interface to the routines so there
are lots of placeholder controls without data for now.

Since reusing code in Rev is so cool and easy, I almost don't have to
write anything, it's just a matter of binding the old script to the new
controls... I plan to make a "generic" version of this app and put it
to sale online.


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