RAD contest...;-)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Jan 21 14:33:18 EST 2005

Lynch, Jonathan wrote:
 > But - is there really value in reinventing the wheel?
 > Is there really enough Unix/Linux users to make such
 > an effort profitable?

...and who aren't already using Open Office, or Think Free Office, or 
any of the others?

That Rev and other tools are used to develop professional applications 
has already been proven, many times over every month.

In every trollfest on every list for every product, there is inevitably 
one point or another in favor of each tool.

And still, people use the tool they prefer, and their preference is 
driven by a much wider range of factors rarely related to someone else's 
decision to waste their own time replicating office suites. :)

One of the reasons I find these sorts of threads tedious is that they 
tend to be as lengthy as they are fruitless.

Posts in which someone migrating to Rev from another tool asks questions 
of how to do something they're used to doing differently are useful, but 
the ol' "my tool is better than your tool" gambit less so.

If someone here were to misrepresnt RB by saying it costs a thousand 
dollars or some such silliness, I would expect that product manager to 
correct the claim if no one here did.

But perpetuating pissing matches over hair-splitting tedium rarely 
accomplishes more than annoyance for the reader and Google fodder for 
the other vendor.

A far better use of time might be to ship apps. :)

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