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Fri Jan 21 14:13:31 EST 2005

A couple of perhaps prejudiced observations here.

First, accreditation generally isn't credible unless it is issued by an 
independent third party testing organization. Having RunRev "certify" 
Rev developers would, in almost all real-world cases, be meaningless.

Second, as the world of Java certification has shown, this is a 
seldom-used idea except by very large corporations looking for a 
no-brainer way to screen out applicants when there's an over-abundance 
of talent, a problem the Rev community does not now have is not likely 
ever to face.

Finally, certification is really only helpful -- when it is at all -- 
to fairly newcomers to the game. Experienced programmers get their 
credibility by reference and demonstration of work done to date.

I for one would not want to see RunRev spend any energy in this area 
with so many other things that we all need them to be doing.


On Jan 21, 2005, at 10:23 AM, Lynch, Jonathan wrote:

> How many RunRev users are there? Are there enough to make such a course
> practical?
> I would agree with Frank's comment - that it would make more sense to
> have the accreditation separate from the course.
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> I'm all for it.  Sign me up!
> Cheers, Roger
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>> Just wondering...
>> Would it be helpful for RunRev (or someone who works outside of RunRev
>> but is approved by them) to offer an online Runtime Revolution
> training
>> course. Those who take the course, and make an A in it, would then be
>> officially accredited.
>> I can see benefits and disadvantages for such a thing. What are y'alls
>> thoughts?
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