Should Runtime Revolution have an accreditation course?

Andre Garzia soapdog at
Fri Jan 21 13:14:37 EST 2005

On Jan 21, 2005, at 2:30 PM, Lynch, Jonathan wrote:

> Just wondering...
> Would it be helpful for RunRev (or someone who works outside of RunRev
> but is approved by them) to offer an online Runtime Revolution training
> course. Those who take the course, and make an A in it, would then be
> officially accredited.
> I can see benefits and disadvantages for such a thing. What are y'alls
> thoughts?


just imagine.... I could make a Brazilian RunRev Trainning empire!!!! 
:D I have four copies of Dan Shafer's book in here and contact with 4 
major tech magazines, including main macintosh magazine in Brazil 
(belive it or not, I used to make REALBasic tutorials for them.... 
after Rev, I asked if I could change the language for something I 
thought better, they said no cause of sponsorship.. I said, okay, find 
another writer. no tutorial was as fun as mine or as good for the 

I really wanted to organize something here, almost no one knows RunRev 
here... I thought about opening a stand during this years ExpoSALT 
(alternative computing expo, carries everything from c64, amigas, 
apples.... no PC/Win32 allowed).

well just thoughts...

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