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Wed Jan 19 20:57:39 EST 2005

Thomas Gutzmann wrote:
>> And with the recent 4000-fold increase in speed for same-size chunk 
>> replacements, I wonder if the kind of graphics processing you're doing 
>> could now be done in Rev.  What does that entail?
> This speed increase is impressing, but having tried quite some 
> alternatives, I'm sure that only C++ (which I don't like) and RB where 
> adequate solutions, There are so many calculations when moving objects 
> and scrolling the pane, that I simply cannot imagine that Rev is fast 
> enough. But I will give it a try as soon as I have some time, and I will 
> come back to the list with the results.

For some tasks I'd have to agree, but for many you might be surprised.

I've had more than one magazine mistake my WebMerge application for 
being written in C (that includes a writer for C++ User Journal <g>). 
And that was before I did my recent optimization which has since more 
than doubled WebMerge's throughput.

We had a rather funny thread here last year in which an RB fan started a 
bake-off for speed on a parsing algorithm on a fairly large file.  True 
'nuff, RB was faster -- but only by 3 milliseconds. And that was the 
overal score -- in the most common task, loading a file, Rev was nearly 
twice as fast.

I've been pondering this new speed enhancement to same-size chunk 
replacements, specifically in regard to image processing.  Since much of 
what image processing involves is replacing a specific number of bytes, 
I wonder if any of the folks here have made any recent experiments with 
writing image filters in native Transcript.  With the sort of speed Dar 
reports we may find that some types of filters can run acceptably well 
in Transcript alone.

>> > It's a bit disappointing that Rev doesn't provide support
>> > for the other Unixes any more - that was one of the big
>> > advantages against RB.
>> Which ones are you using that are no longer supported?
>> In my understanding the dropped platforms simply weren't used.  With 
>> enough interest they might bring some back.
> Well, ahem, I purchased the Rev license because I wanted to rewrite 
> tools for HP/UX and SunOS. I have to stick with Java there, now.
> I know that my company cannot produce enough revenue for Rev to justify 
> any extra work for the Unix platforms - but Rev should remove the 
> features from the web site if they don't plan to provide it, or they 
> should give an estimated release date.

Agreed.  CC'ing the CEO here to make sure that gets attention.
(He reads the list, but when something comes up that's really important 
I trust he doesn't mind the extra effort to help ensure it gets done, 
esp. something so small.)

On the flipside, if there's a way they can help automate those builds it 
does indeed make a nice statment to show those platforms actively 
supported, and Sun OS is still quite in use.

>> > Now please don't flame!
>> No reasonable person could flame such a balanced and thoughtful post. 
>> Thanks for taking the time.
> Well, I have seen the contrary. But maybe this list is really different.

Results vary from list to list, and from reader to reader.  But I think 
you'll find this is a very good crew here in this regard.  Most of the 
pros here use multiple tools and can relate to what you're saying, and 
the pure Transcripters here probably enjoy learning about what other 
systems offer, esp. when it's presented as fairly as you have.

And any post that furthers the request for alternate-colored-lines in 
fields will always get a round of applause here. :)  Have you added your 
vote to the Bugzilla request for that?

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