Uploading a file via serial port?

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Wed Jan 19 19:23:00 EST 2005

Glen Bojsza wrote:

>The machine that has the file I want to upload is on windows XP and
>the machine I want to receive the file is a solaris box.
>Currently the serial stack works for reading and writing commands to
>the solaris box.
>I have asked before but without success... is there a way to send a
>ctrl-d through the conection? If so then I could just write the file
>line by line (they ae small) through the cat command but I need to be
>able to send a ctrl-d to close the file.
Run a program on the solaris box which exits the "file copy" when it 
sees a suitable pattern.

If you don't have Rev (or Perl, or Python, or ....) it would be easy to 
write an awk script to do this.

-- Alex.

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