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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jan 19 15:34:12 EST 2005

Dan Shafer wrote:
 > On Jan 19, 2005, at 7:37 AM, Geoff Canyon wrote:
 >> Note that the multi-card solution for tabs can still be used even if
 >> only a part of the window needs to change, as long as there is only
 >> one. You can group everything else (perhaps along with the tab panel
 >> itself) and include it on all the cards. Then create only what you
 >> want to change as card controls.
 >> You _have_ to use the show/hide groups technique (or something
 >> similar) if you have more than one tab panel and they have to change
 >> independently.
 > Good point. I have a mixture of the two types of needs, but when
 > I can, I now use the card method as it is much more flexible and
 > easier to code.

Most of the time. :)

What got me started using groups instead of cards was referencing 
objects in scripts:  While designing WebMerge 2.0 I kept moving controls 
from one tab to another until I got myself clear on what the program's 
flow should be.  During those changes I'd have to change every script 
reference to every object to include the different card name.

With groups I have all 180+ controls on one card, so I can say:

    get the hilite of btn "idxTemplateOption"

...and it doesn't matter to the code which group that's part of.

I like many aspects of working with card-based tabs, and tend to use 
that wherever I can.  But for the flexibility it lends to the design 
process, I'll probably use groups for a lot of tabbed interfaces going 
forward (at least until I learn to do proper paper prototyping like da 
pros at UIE <>).

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