living and learning (Re: RunRev vs RealBasic (Richard Gaskin))

Chipp Walters chipp at
Wed Jan 19 15:05:49 EST 2005

It's really just a matter of style, for instance, I *never* use the card 
method for this. I only use multiple card stacks in a couple places:

1) Wizards
2) I many times use the 2nd card in a stack to store all the icons for 
the first card.

This goes along with the concept of keeping the data and presentation 
layers completely seperate. HyperCard (and to an extent RunRev) allow 
users to mix the two, I prefer not to for a variety of good reasons.



Dan Shafer wrote:
> Geoff....
> Good point. I have a mixture of the two types of needs, but when I can, 
> I now use the card method as it is much more flexible and easier to code.
> Dan

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