Opening custom files by Drag and Drop in standalone

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jan 19 13:56:35 EST 2005

Alejandro Tejada wrote:
> Alejandro Tejada wrote:
>>>I have read this useful Programming tip in your
>>>website, and TRY to use it in an standalone
>>>player to OPEN ONLY the custom documents of that
>>>But when i drag and drop a Rev or MC stack to a
>>>standalone i had created, IT OPENS... :-(
> Ken Ray answer:
>>Yes, and this may be a bug (I tested Windows) - 
>>you get the path to the stack you dropped in $1, 
>>but you don't get any messages to trap to 
>>prevent that stack from opening... 
>>I tried trapping preOpenStack and 
>>openStack, and it only triggers for the 
>>application, not the document stack that is
>>I think you should log this as a bug, unless someone
>>has an answer for this...

This is strange, as I'd thought the only way for an app to be able to 
open documents dropped on it is to assign acceptable file types to it in 
the Windows registry.

If you're not making that registry entry how does the OS know to allow 
your app to accept drops of those files?

> i have not too much experience posting 
> bugs reports to Bugzilla.
> Ken, if you could post this bug, please do.
> Write back to the mail list for the number
> assigned to this report.

Ken could give you the fish, but you'd really be much happier in the 
long run with the fishing pole.  Bugzilla has one of the ugliest UIs 
ever, but after a few posts it becomes acceptable.  It only takes a 
minute to register and confirm, and then you have the keys to the 
kingdom as far as communicating and monitoring technical issues to the 
other half of your development team, the keepers of the engine.

Bonus:  once you're registerest you get to apply votes to feature 
requests, which can be very useful in helping RunRev prioritize 
development efforts.

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