Opening custom files by Drag and Drop in standalone application

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Wed Jan 19 11:09:08 EST 2005

On 1/19/05 8:30 AM, "Frank D. Engel, Jr." <fde101 at> wrote:

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> I'd imagine you can fix this on a Mac by intercepting the apple event
> which is sent to the stack.

You're right about that... and you can intercept the event *before* the
stack window opens of the document stack.
> Under Windows, you would need to check the $1 variable when starting
> the standalone, or check the openStacks or some such, and if a stack is
> specified, close it right away, display an error message, and quit?
> (Just a guess)

Yes, although the problem is that the document stack always displays before
you can do anything about it, so it looks funky. :-)

I still think this is a bug, though...

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