Characters not displaying in a field?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jan 19 01:13:39 EST 2005

kee nethery wrote:
>> The maximum number of chars that can be on any given line is 65,535, 
>> and the total field max is about 4Gb.
> thank you. I can watch for long lines and then put up an alert telling 
> them that it's there, they just cannot see it.
> Also, these limits should be in the docs.

Agreed.  I came across them in the old MC docs a while back, which are 
normally more anemic than the Rev docs.  But this is what it took me to 
find them in Rev:

1. Open Documentation

2. Typed "Li"

3. Dismissed a dialog telling me that "Li" could not be found.

4. Managed to type an "m" before -

5. Dismissed a dialog telling me that "Lim" could not be found.

6. Squeezed in typing an "i" when -

7. Dismissed a dialog telling me "Limi" could not be found.

8. Typed the "ts" really fast, which brought up:

    Commands and Function
          Memory and Limits Reference

No sooner could I ask "What is this doing in 'Commands and Functions'?" 
than I discovered that while the other limits are shown (number of 
objects in a group, length of object names, etc.), and it does mention 
the number of chars in a line, it doesn't mention that this also applies 
to using the sort command on a variable.

Even with that minor ommission it's a good read, and if you're a quick 
typist you might be able to cut the number of steps to get there down to 
four or five. ;)

PS: Is there a preference to turn off the "Constantly try to search 
whatever's being typed in real-time" option in favor of any more 
explicit option (Enter key, "Search" button) like one finds in nearly 
any other search box?

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