Characters not displaying in a field?

kee nethery kee at
Wed Jan 19 00:41:57 EST 2005

On Jan 18, 2005, at 6:24 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Mark Smith wrote:
>> I believe Rev has a problem displaying more than a certain number of 
>> characters on one line ie. with no returns...the characters are 
>> there, but they don't display properly. I don't know what the limit 
>> is, but clearly < 140000 :(
>> I have an app that stores long series of numbers, delimited by 
>> commas, in custom properties. I do this because I have to do a lot of 
>> calculations using 'item n to n+n' of longSeriesOfNumbers... if I 
>> look at the custom properties in the inspector, they are displayed 
>> wrongly or not at all, but the numbers are all there, and my 
>> operations on them work correctly, so it is just a display issue, I 
>> think.
> It is.  Variables and custom properties are not affected.
> The maximum number of chars that can be on any given line is 65,535, 
> and the total field max is about 4Gb.

thank you. I can watch for long lines and then put up an alert telling 
them that it's there, they just cannot see it.

Also, these limits should be in the docs. The old Hypercard manual had 
a back section on limits and I reached some of them. I'd like to see 
limits stated in the run rev docs.

> Of course in most cases that's more than you'll ever need to display 
> to the user.

uh, no, I actually wanted to display the results of an SQL query and it 
had no spaces and was longer than that limit. Normally the results are 
viewable and the really long results get copied into a text document 
and formatted for viewing. But in this case, it looked like the results 
were blank and that was my assumption (something went wrong with my 
code?) until on a whim I copied and pasted into a text document and saw 
that it was all there.

But, thank you very very much for an understanding of the limits. Now I 
can add an alert when the data is invisible.


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