Characters not displaying in a field?

Mark Smith mark at
Tue Jan 18 20:06:27 EST 2005

I believe Rev has a problem displaying more than a certain number of 
characters on one line ie. with no returns...the characters are there, 
but they don't display properly. I don't know what the limit is, but 
clearly < 140000 :(

I have an app that stores long series of numbers, delimited by commas, 
in custom properties. I do this because I have to do a lot of 
calculations using 'item n to n+n' of longSeriesOfNumbers... if I look 
at the custom properties in the inspector, they are displayed wrongly 
or not at all, but the numbers are all there, and my operations on them 
work correctly, so it is just a display issue, I think. This may matter 
or not in what you're doing...



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