RunRev vs RealBasic (nothing to do with it really)

Jeffrey Reynolds jeff at
Tue Jan 18 17:25:05 EST 2005

sorry, just had to add one more to this thread...

While in the Galapagos our Ecuadorian guide (who was extremely hansom 
and charming) on the boat spoke perfect queens english (having been 
educated in BP oil school in ecuador). On the first night out he was 
asking folks what time they wanted to get up the next morning to start 
going ashore and turned to my female friend on the trip and said:

"Barbara, when would you like me to come around and knock you up in the 
morning?" (in perfectly accented queens english)

knocking someone up in america is getting them pregnant, not knocking 
on their door... needless to say i have never seen her so speechless 
and this is someone who has a comment for every moment! I think she 
wanted the american translation instead of the British...

the other joke is this guy had very beautiful long black hair, but is a 
small chap at about 5'5'' and his name is Fabio, he couldn't understand 
why we we were laughing at his name... we did send him a Fabio calendar 
for xmas.



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