Debugger causing problems.

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Jan 18 01:09:35 EST 2005

Alex Tweedly wrote:
>> Many moons ago, Richard shared one of this many stack script tips. 
>> I've used it on every project since. He creates a stack level handler 
>> called "stripAndShip" and executes it before saving and building a 
>> standalone.
> You know, I've heard (or seen) Richard give that advice (though not 
> specifically with regard to breakpoints).

Giving credit where due, last time I heard about breakpoints was from 
your post. :)

I use MC most of the time so I wouldn't have be familiar with it.

> I should know by now that when one of the gurus says something like 
> that, I should listen - and if it's not obvious, I should think about it 
> until I figure out WHY they recommend something.

I like to anticipate the "why" in the Handy Handlers articles I write 
for RevJournal.  I tend to start with the simplest form of a handler 
then expand for error-checking, generalization, etc., explaining the 
"why" of each new bit as it's added.

I get lazy here and often just post handlers with no explanation.  I 
figure someone who writes code as good as you would figure out what I 
mean. :)  But I'd take no offense if you asked "Why?"

> Back in 10 minutes, once I've added such a handler to my half dozen 
> current projects .....

Damn handy, that StripAndShip.  Again, giving credit where due, I 
adopted that habit from some code I worked on years ago for Brian 
Thomas, which was written by Phillip A. Moore.  He has a number of 
interesting tidbits in there, and the StripAndShip was among them.

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