living and learning (Re: RunRev vs RealBasic (Richard Gaskin))

Dan Shafer revdan at
Mon Jan 17 15:12:48 EST 2005

The loud noise you just heard was the sound of my open hand smiting my 

This would have made one of my apps SO much simpler. In fact, I'm 
actually tempted to go rewrite the darned thing using separate cards 
and this technique. The client just asked for some significant changes 
and I suspect I can roll this one in almost transparently.

On another app, though I *had* to use the hide/show groups method 
because only part of a window (card) changes in response to the users 

Nice to have the versatility!


On Jan 17, 2005, at 10:36 AM, Ken Ray wrote:

> On 1/17/05 12:25 PM, "Andre Garzia" <soapdog at> wrote:
>> On Jan 15, 2005, at 10:12 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>>> You have two basic ways to work with tabs in Rev: putting the tab in 
>>> a
>>> shared group and moving between cards in response to the menuPick
>>> message, or responding to that message by hiding and showing groups.
>> Damn! :-)
>> I never tought of sharing a tab and moving through cards.... I have
>> this app with 8 tabs and I am hiding and showing groups...  silly 
>> me...
>> Thanks Richard, again, I learn a new trick from your mail!
> I do this all the time - create a tab button, group it, set the
> backgroundbehavior to true, then set its script to:
> on menuPick newTab,oldTab
>   go card newTab
> end menuPick
> Easy!
> :-)
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