Multiple Languages per App (was: RunRev vs RealBasic (Richard Gaskin))

Thomas Gutzmann thomas.gutzmann at
Mon Jan 17 02:40:51 EST 2005

Hi Dan,

> Thomas. Can you say something about how you get the separate pieces to 
> work together seamlessly? I'd often like to use multiple languages for 
> some apps but the problem of cooperation has always stymied me.

one of the very basic prequisites is to use a multi-user database; we 
are going for Postgres because for several reasons which I don't want 
to list here.

Next requirement is to have a similar look-and-feel for the separate 
parts of the application, especially the menus must look alike.

The parts of the application must be grouped functionally to minimise 
the work required for handling the resume and suspend events - and they 
are where the applications work together. At resume, the application 
must retrieve and store the state, preferably from the database. By the 
way, this allows to share the application between computers. though 
this may be a bit mundaine.

It's a pity that Apple abandoned OLE; nowadays with the fast hardware 
it would be nice to have it. Under Windows, it allows some extra 
integration, e.g. using VB as a wrapper application. Apple,on the other 
hand, has AppleScript, which is superior to Windows scripting. I don't 
have an idea for Unix, yet.

No, I don't think it's difficult to use multiple tools to provide a 
unified solution, and I think it's the way to go in the future, even 
including foreign applications like iCal, Excel, Word, Mail etc. - 
which is very easy with AppleScript. I wrote a small app to help my 
colleagues and me manage some 50+ servers with different login 
requirements, usernames, passwords etc. simply be combining Rev, 
KeyChain and iTerm; I made this app for getting known to Rev, and it 
was astonishing how fast I had the application ready.


Thomas G.

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