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An: 'How to use Revolution'
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Thanks Richard

That was the snippet I needed! This one is for the faq 'coz after testing a
couple times, your runrev app may become like a hidden spyware or virus - PC
user habit to check ;) But im pretty sure there no more of those since there
isn't any animation showing or the game wasn't launched when I compiled the
stack... Hum...

Strange, never get eager to release I tell myself ;))

I'll remember to put a check of the pendingMessages
before sending the next animation sequence...

So pendingmessages are not a form of threading?


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> MisterX wrote:
> > I'll try it. As Richard said, I imagined it would quit when
> the last
> > window was closed.
> What I wrote was this quote from the docs:
>      A Revolution application quits automatically when all
>      its windows are closed and all waiting messages have
>      been handled (including messages sent with the send
>      ...in time form of the send command).
> With HyperCard, SuperCard, OMO, etc., when the last window's
> gone it's
> over.   The important point in that snippet is the introduction of
> timers to the equation, something most other xTalks don't
> have and which are commonly used in game development, so it
> seemed worth posting.
> You can cancel all pending messages like this:
> on KillAllPendingMessages
>     repeat for each line i in the pendingMessages
>       cancel (item 1 of i)
>     end repeat
> end KillAllPendingMessages
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