Not just Standalone problems

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Jan 17 11:42:49 EST 2005

MisterX wrote:

> I'll try it. As Richard said, I imagined it would quit when the last window
> was closed.

What I wrote was this quote from the docs:

     A Revolution application quits automatically when all
     its windows are closed and all waiting messages have
     been handled (including messages sent with the send time form of the send command).

With HyperCard, SuperCard, OMO, etc., when the last window's gone it's 
over.   The important point in that snippet is the introduction of 
timers to the equation, something most other xTalks don't have and which 
are commonly used in game development, so it seemed worth posting.

You can cancel all pending messages like this:

on KillAllPendingMessages
    repeat for each line i in the pendingMessages
      cancel (item 1 of i)
    end repeat
end KillAllPendingMessages

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