Not just Standalone problems

MisterX b.xavier at
Mon Jan 17 10:57:19 EST 2005


> on closeStack
> if the target is me then quit
> pass closeStack
> end closeStack

I'll try it. As Richard said, I imagined it would quit when the last window
was closed.

> As for all this crashing, I think you'll have to give us more 
> detail. I have found it quite hard to make Rev crash, so I'm 
> not sure I can help, what sort of thing does your stack do?

Nothing irregular, just draw some graphics, count the seconds (1 second
sends). It's a vanila RR install and I just dont get it. It works fine until
the project is nearly finished and then it starts crashing when you modify 1
or 2 objects in a new card! if you save each time, no prob, if you forget to
save a bit = crash! At one point I imported 2 animated gifs in the new card
(2 of 6 images!) and that was reason to crash. I tried with saving each time
and no probs!

Anyway... The programming is done, it's just a matter of graphics now...
Imagine a save per change kind of work going on from now on! 

I tried compacting, saving, new copy of the stack too...


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