Not just Standalone problems

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Mon Jan 17 04:47:24 EST 2005

Hi scripters,

I created a nice little game and compiled it.

Problems encountered:

- When I close the program's window, the application doesnt' quit! 

No explanation in the Help is not surprising... You have to use the 
application manager
to quit it! 

So how do you quit the only program opened if there is only one window? 

on closestack
  quit - isn't it obvious that the last window closed = quit application 
and if the application has
only one window and you close it, it means quit the program?

- When an error occurs, the rev error dialog (nice feature BTW) doesn't 
send an email 
as expected, it tries to open the browser to my website! (no help on that 

Anyone has encontered these problems?
Any known Bugzillas?

Lastly, if you encrypt the stack to protect your script's, the errors 
can't be seen.
Is it possible to remove the encryption while you run the program to get a 
meaningful error?

I've seen the worst of the worst possible features acting up and made 
workarounds nonstop 
to make this simple application work. Even the answer dialog doesn't work 
correctly or the
customprops wouldnt' return valid info comparing message box commands or 
scripted commands!!!

How does it work for complex applications I wonder! 

For such a simple program, I've surpassed the number of bugs, crashes and 
possible to handle in one weekend compared to any other project! If I 
didn't save every change, 
I'd get an automatic crash and loose my work (happened 3 times in a row!!) 
Is this serious I wonder?
The stack is under 200KBs! How can anything go wrong with that?

Imagine your weekend: creating an object or modifying it and then 
immediately saving or you'd get a crash! 

I wrote a huge list of things that went wrong! I wont pollute the list 
with it but im wondering if anyone has had
as much trouble as I did and what were the solutions or preventive 
measures to avoid this were...?

Thanks for any info

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