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Something similar:
Instead of getting the first page of a document how to procees bay scripting
to extract the icon of a related file.

Is this woring on both Mac and Window using Quicktime?


Jean-Jacques Wagner

On 1/14/05 6:31 AM, "bassamnaji" <bassamnaji at cox.net> wrote:

> Hi all,
>             How can I make a pdf thumbnail of my pdf documents, or just
> convert say 1st page of the pdf doc to a jpeg picture, and use it to link?

Well, if this is for OS X only, you could use a QuickTime movie object, set
its 'filename' property to the path to the pdf (which would then display the
first page inside the movie object), then scale the object down to thumbnail
size, then do an 'import snapshot from <rect>' to get a thumbnail image.
Finally, delete the movie object. You can then do anything you want with the
thumbnail image (put it into a field, attach it as an icon to a button, use
it "raw", etc.).

As for Windows, I don't know how this could be done... perhaps someone else
on the list does?
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