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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Jan 17 01:32:08 EST 2005

Sarah Reichelt wrote:
> On 16 Jan 2005, at 7:39 am, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> I'm in the process of updating my Gestalt function (see the Gestalt 
>> stack in RevNet), which I use to automatically include a brief system 
>> profile in user reports.
>> Currently the report includes the stuff shown below, things I've found 
>> useful thus far.
>> What other functions or global properties might be useful to add?
> How about the various rev version numbers: version(), revAppVersion(), 
> buildNumber()

Thank you for the suggestion, but the version I have now gets the 
version of the standalone it's running in (I always use a the same stack 
property in all projects for the version number, so things like this and 
my auto-builder and other things can all find it), and the app's version 
number will tell me what I need to determine engine versioning.

Any others?

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  Fourth World Media Corporation
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