MacWorld part 2

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Was it AmigaVision? I used that allot to make slideshows of weddings with 
music, animation, and it could be recorded to videotape easily with the 
Amiga's built-in TV-out capability. AmigaVision had drag & drop icons with 
programatic if-then structures and control capabilities. It was great... 
way ahead of its time.

In the xtalk arena, there was an Amiga development environment called 
Foundation. The scripting language was very close to that of HyperCard. 
And it had a very intuitive database builder that provided dbase 
connectivity. Dbase was very popular at the time. Those were great times! 
I miss my Amiga.

Roger Eller <roger.e.eller at>

> I did a prototype of a commercial app (kiosk) on an Amiga with an
> iconic language developed by Commodore.  For the life of me, I can not
> remember its name.  Maybe someone out there used Amigas as well.  It is
> very cool, but it too had its limitations.
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> Mark Talluto

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