Trouble with graphics display in OS X

Scott Rossi scott at
Sat Jan 15 14:21:51 EST 2005

>> Try this simple experiment in OS X. Run the following handler:
>> on mouseUP
>>   repeat 1000
>>     add 1 to field 1 -- This is an empty field.
>>   end repeat
>> end mouseUP
>> In OS 9, I get a blur of numbers displayed in the field--this is fine
>> and what I would expect.
>> In OS X I get a discrete sequence of 4 numbers displayed. This is the
>> same kind of herky-jerky behavior I found with graphics display in OS
>> X (but not in OS 9.)

This still sounds like a speed issue to me, that the update of the digits is
occurring too quickly to display.  I would hazard a guess that the engine is
running slower on OS9 and thus you're able to see the update occur in the
field.  (For myself, I'd rather have an engine that ran too quickly than one
that was limited by the display, but that's me.)

Using your example, If you wish to visibly the update the display of numbers
in a field on OSX, you can script the behavior yourself.  Here's one way

put 0 into N
on mouseUP
  repeat 1000
    add 1 to N
    if N mod 5 = 0 then put N into fld 1
    wait 0 millisecs
  end repeat
  put N into fld 1
end mouseUP

I know the above doesn't solve your problem and understand from your
previous posts that you're dealing with vector issues.  But perhaps if you
could identify a specific problem you need to solve, folks here could
provide a solution that would work for you.

I recall way back someone on the list complained about Rev's drawing speed
when creating a series of concentrically drawn rectangles, and how 15 year
old Hypercard was much more effective at doing the same thing. It turned out
that by simply using an alternate paint tool Rev's drawing routine was near
instantaneous. Often what helps in Rev is a different way of looking at the


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