Trouble with graphics display in OS X

James Hurley jhurley at
Sat Jan 15 09:51:20 EST 2005

Bear with me on this one. I need to know whether my problem with OS X 
lies in my computer graphics card or with RR.

If the problem is with my  computer, I can deal with it, but if the 
problem lies with the implementation of RR in OS X, I have problem.

Try this simple experiment in OS X. Run the following handler:

on mouseUP
   repeat 1000
     add 1 to field 1 -- This is an empty field.
   end repeat
end mouseUP

In OS 9, I get a blur of numbers displayed in the field--this is fine 
and what I would expect.

In OS X I get a discrete sequence of 4 numbers displayed. This is the 
same kind of herky-jerky behavior I found with graphics display in OS 
X (but not in OS 9.)

(As before, the problem is resolved by adding a line in the repeat 
loop: wait 0 millisec, or unlock screen. But it runs much more 


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