[ANN] GetInLine, Now More In Line

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Sat Jan 15 09:45:01 EST 2005

Hi Scott,

> An update to the previous GetInLine stack has been posted.  For those 
> who
> missed it, this is an attempt at a more intuitive method for 
> drag-and-drop
> repositioning of lines within list fields.
> This post contains tightened up code and performance, constrained 
> dragging,
> no more messing with hiliteColor, and now should work on *both* Win 
> and Mac
> platforms.   Please try to break it so it can get better. :-)
> In your message box:
>   go url "http://www.tactilemedia.com/download/getinline.rev"

just wonderful!

Now with a "poof" effect :-)

I just created a variation with the original APPLE OS X "poof cloud",
which looks really "authentic" on a mac! Hope they won't sue me :-D

If someone is interested, i can post it on my website.

But the script could use something that will prevent the "duplication" 
the clicked line when you simply "click" that line...?
Know what i mean?

This happens after the first succesful/not poofed drag'n'drop operation
and i think that some local vars still hold some "out of date" values...

Looks like this can be avoided by adding this to the mousedown handler:

on mouseDown
   if word 2 of the clickLine = "" then exit mouseDown

## added...
   put empty into tClickTime
   put empty into tClickNum
   put empty into tContent
   put empty into tVirtualHilite
   put empty into tAllowScroll
   put empty into tDragValid
## added...

   put the millisecs into tClickTime
   put scroll of me into S

At least it works here for me ;-)

> Best Regards,
> Scott Rossi
> Creative Director
> Tactile Media, Multimedia & Design
> -----
> E: scott at tactilemedia.com
> W: http://www.tactilemedia.com


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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