Seeking elegance-1

SB aj445 at
Fri Jan 14 23:15:55 EST 2005

Thanks M. X and Frank!

> put them into a stack (even easier)
Yes, I will be putting them in a stack

> When the answers are changed, trigger a custom property of the stack
> being set to true (the needToFixSummary of this stack).  When you go to
> the summary card, check that value.  Set it back to false before
> exiting the handler that generates the summary.

Um, OK, I'm very new to some of this-- I see the general idea, but 
can't quite figure out the specifics.

How do I check if each answer field has changed (or all of them) and 
tell the custom property that?  Do I use closefield somehow, and a 
repeat thing?


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