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When the answers are changed, trigger a custom property of the stack 
being set to true (the needToFixSummary of this stack).  When you go to 
the summary card, check that value.  Set it back to false before 
exiting the handler that generates the summary.

On Jan 14, 2005, at 3:06 PM, SB wrote:

> Hi all,
> OK, I've got a stack working, now I want to make it less klunky.
> Right now, the user answers questions in a series of Question & Answer 
> cards, and when they go to the Summary card, all the questions and 
> responses are listed in one scrolling text field.
> It is automatic-- every time the Summary card is opened, there is a 
> new summary added on top of the old one, and all are saved.
> the script--
> on openCard
>   summarize
>   pass openCard
> end opencard
> on Summarize
>   repeat with i = 1 to the number of cds of bg "Q&A"
>     put (bg fld "Question" of cd i of bg "Q&A") & return after 
> theSummary
>         put (bg fld "Response" of cd i of bg "Q&A") & return & return 
> after theSummary
>   end repeat
>   put the long date & return & theSummary before cd fld "Destination" 
> of cd "List"
> end Summarize
> Of course, this means that EVERY time the summary page is opened, 
> there is a new set appended to the old-- this can add up if you thrash 
> around in the stack a while!
> One solution might be to only do the update if the answers on the Q&A 
> cards have changed.
> How would this be done?
> Thanks!
> Sandy
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