sharing different versions of a stack

Klaus Major klaus at
Fri Jan 14 14:09:18 EST 2005

Hi Bob,

> Hi All.
> I have a stack My DAtabase whick is saved as My database V1. I made 
> changes and saved this as "My Database V2". Now I want to add this to 
> revonline so it is the second stack in a series to follow but when I 
> share it, Version 1 gets overwritten.
> How can I get two versions of the same stack on revonline?

i am not sure, but i think REV online loads and saves your stack(s) with
the name of the STACK and not the filename it is saved as...

Give your new stack another name, set the "destroystack" to true!, save 
it "as ...",
close it and then open it again and then "Share this Stack...", that 
should do the trick.

Hope that helps (works) ;-)

> Cheers
> Bob


Klaus Major
klaus at

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