Apple Service alive again (was: OT: need real Apple Service email address)

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Fri Jan 14 13:45:04 EST 2005

As I got a few more recommendations from list members off-list, I want 
to thank them all for their help in this matter.

After a 28 days' wait and nine emails (six of them remaining unanswered 
and three with answers, but directing me to the address with automated 
responses) I finally received a personal response by email - although a 
somewhat curious one - from a friendly fellow in Ireland and even in 
passable German.

Apparently Apple Service was working behind the scenes all the time at 
full speed to find a Quicktime key for me.

I was addressed as "Herr Huch" (I didn't know there was such a name in 
my family) and informed that the delay might have been caused by a 
misspelling of my email address (this probably being the cause for not 
answering my posts; maybe we should send them Rev's "Ten Thumbs Typing 
Tutor"), although my "Apple ID" connected to my Apple Store Account 
(both in U.S. and Europe) - where the data of my order were listed - is 
my correct email address.

But I thank them and am happy to have the registration key now. Only the 
registration *name* is a bit puzzling. It reads "keine Angaben Wilhelm 
I tried it in the meantime, typing only my name is not sufficient, I 
have indeed to insert "keine Angaben" before my name for the key to work.

"keine Angaben" means something like "no data available" or "no 
information" or "no entries". I hope I need not add "keine Angaben" to 
my email address, so they could identify me better next time.

Let's hope Apple Online Service will improve somewhat over time after 
this experience, even "somewhat" would be great.


Wilhelm Sanke

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