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Frank D. Engel, Jr. fde101 at fjrhome.net
Fri Jan 14 12:54:01 EST 2005

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iMovie, when moving clips.
The OS X dock, when dragging icons.
Not normally with lists of things or with text items, though, that is 

There must be a HIG out there concerning this somewhere!

I don't see anything stated explicitly in Apple's Aqua HIGs, but the 
distinction appears to be with whether or not an item is part of a 
document.  The finder sees icons as part of its documents (the desktop, 
folders, etc.) so those icons stick around and are highlighted during 
the drag-and-drop operation.  OTOH, the dock itself "contains" its 
icons, so the icons disappear while being dragged?

Not sure, and this certainly doesn't explain the clips in iMovie...

However, looking at this again:  You normally drag clips in iMovie to 
reorder them, or remove them from the pane.  It is relatively rare that 
you would drag a clip out of iMovie to produce a file on the disk.  
Similarly, dragging an item out of the dock makes it go "poof": it 
doesn't move it to a different location, while dragging within the dock 
"reorders" the items.  OTOH, you would drag finder icons between 
windows (into different documents and programs); i wonder if this has 
something to do with it?

On Jan 14, 2005, at 12:25 PM, Scott Rossi wrote:

> Recently, Sarah Reichelt wrote:
>>> An update to the previous GetInLine stack has been posted.  For those
>>> who
>>> missed it, this is an attempt at a more intuitive method for
>>> drag-and-drop
>>> repositioning of lines within list fields.
>> I find it much more intuitive now that the dragged line disappears 
>> from
>> the list while I'm dragging it.
> I'm still wondering whether this is the right way to go.   When
> dragging/dropping text in word processing apps, the dragged text 
> doesn't
> disappear -- it changes position when the mouse is released.  When
> reordering a layers in a graphics package (Adobe/Macromedia) the 
> original
> dragged layer stays where it is until the mouse is released.  iTunes 
> follows
> suit  as well -- keep the original until the mouse is released.  
> Perhaps the
> type of application dictates how this should be handled but so far I 
> haven't
> seen any examples of removing the clicked line from the field.  Any 
> examples
> out there that remove the clicked line when reordering?
>> The only other thing I would like is
>> the ability to cancel a drag somehow - perhaps if you move the mouse
>> pointer outside the field.
> Yes, that should be next.
> Recently, Frank D. Engel, Jr. wrote:
>> Any chance there could be an option, as per the request quoted below,
>> to cancel the drag -- but at the same time, support drag-and-drop (so
>> that if the dragged item is plopped on a compatible target, it can be
>> moved/copied there)?
> It should be quite doable, but the copying part will be up to you as 
> the
> developer. :-)  I can make the clicked line a property or variable 
> that you
> can pass to whatever object you have.
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