Mac add-on for PCs [OT?]

Judy Perry jperryl at
Thu Jan 13 21:48:21 EST 2005

Well, I'm running the latest version of OS X on a 256 MB RAM laptop; works
fine.  True, I can't run quite as many apps simultaneously as with 512 or
more.  OTOH, I've got low standards: until quite recently, I was teaching
in a lab of OS 9 machines with a truly paltry 128 MB of RAM...).

My HD size is 55 MB, of which I'm using only 18 (okay, it's a new
laptop.  Other than the standard software installs courtesy of Apple, I've
additionally got Rev, MS Office, Appleworks, GraphicConverter, and Carrera
3D Basics installed).



On Fri, 14 Jan 2005, Alex Tweedly wrote:

> What do you Mac users think about the min config ?   (Specifically, 256M
> RAM; I'd never consider a WinXP machine with less than 512M - but I have
> no idea whether OSX needs the same, or will function OK at 256M).
> Similarly, disk space. How much is taken up by OS etc. before I start
> putting stuff on there ?  Is the 40G disk reasonable, or will I run out
> before I know it ....?

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