rev burning cds

Ben Fisher boinjyboing at
Thu Jan 13 20:06:33 EST 2005


You could try shelling a DOS program for burning cds.<> looks interesting, should have a finalize and other features.

There's a huge list of dos tools at<>

I don't know about osx, but there might be some program out there. As far as I know, rev has no way to directly burn cds.
In WinXP, you can just drag a file from explorer on to the cd and it will burn. Maybe revcopyfile or put url will do the same? I haven't tested.


>Hi all.  Does anyone have experience burning CDs using Rev?

>We are building a prototype and need some way of burning to a CD
>(preferably/eventually at System Level, OSX and WinXP).  We need to
>control much of the process, ie multi-session etc.

>Any suggestions?


>Matt Denton

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