[OT] iTunes-like software for Classic?

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at genesearch.com.au
Thu Jan 13 18:57:14 EST 2005

There used to be an iTunes for OS 9 - presumably it's now unsupported 
but maybe it's still availbale on the Apple site or on a system install 


On 14 Jan 2005, at 9:06 am, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> My gal's using OS 9.2 and has a new MP3 player.  Of course iTunes 
> makes it easy to load songs onto just about anything, but it's for OS 
> X only.
> Any of you have a recommendation on an iTunes-like package for Classic?
> Ideally it should:
> - Rip CDs into MP3s
> - Provide a sortable list of songs in the collection
> - Copy to any valid device
> I'd build one for her myself, but alas we have no means of ripping to 
> MP3.
> TIA -
> -- 
>  Richard Gaskin
>  Fourth World Media Corporation

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