Trouble with graphics display in OS X

Ken Ray kray at
Thu Jan 13 15:15:35 EST 2005

On 1/13/05 10:41 AM, "James Hurley" <jhurley at> wrote:

>But even with integers,
> the move command is much slower than set loc.

>      set the loc of grc "ball" to tBallLoc -- Takes 34 ticks
>      --move grc "ball" to tBallLoc without messages-- Takes 266 ticks

Don't forget you can use the "in <time>" construct with "move", which gives
smooth motion (although I don't know just how fast you want to do it). For
  move grc "ball" to tBallLoc in 1 second


  move grc "ball" to tBallLoc in 100 milliseconds

I would highly recommend using the values you have to create a graphic line
with points that is hidden, and then use:

  move grc "ball" to the points of grc "Path" in <time>

or something like that.

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